Bosnian Chardaklia House: Mara Popovic's House in Gracanica

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Ahmet Hadrovic


Mara Popovic's house in Gracanica, although built in an urban setting, seems to belong to the classic solution of a three-tract bosnian house chardaklia. The house was built in the city district named Varos on a gently sloping terrain with southern exposure.

The house was erected (1840) by a father-in-law, Mara Popovic, who lived in this house until her death, after which the property changed several owners.

Today, this house is owned by the Municipality of Gracanica, and is used by the well-known association “Gracanicko keranje”, which nurtures the tradition of making indigenous handicrafts from the Gracanica area – “keranje”. Due to its exceptional architectural, historical and environmental values, this house is included in the list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to its spatial concept, construction and materialization, long-term use and its present purpose, the house is an example of traditional and bioclimatic architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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