Our journal South East European Journal of Architecture and Design (SEEJAD) was included in the OpenAIRE database (https://www.openaire.eu/search/dataprovider?datasourceId=iddesignpres::a9c036f878878eae8ef5b92986df98c4).

In the OpenAIRE2020 Project, 50 partners (from all EU countries, and beyond) will collaborate to work on this large-scale initiative that aims to promote open scholarship and substantially improve the discoverability and reusability of research publications and data. The initiative brings together professionals from research libraries, open scholarship organisations, national e-Infrastructure and data experts, IT and legal researchers, showcasing the truly collaborative nature of this pan-European endeavor. A network of people, represented by the National Open Access Desks (NOADs), will organise activities to collect H2020 project outputs, and support research data management. Backing this vast outreach, is the OpenAIRE platform, the technical infrastructure that is vital for pulling together and interconnecting the large-scale collections of research outputs across Europe. The project will create workflows and services on top of this valuable repository content, which will enable an interoperable network of repositories (via the adoption of common guidelines), and easy upload into an all-purpose repository.

We hope we can increase the quality of SEEJAD by inclusion the author’s papers in the most relevant databases in the World.

We invite you to select South East European Journal of Architecture and Design (SEEJAD) as the outlet for your work and look forward to your next submission.