The Impact of Augmented Reality for Displaying Virtual 3d Models of Products in Real Environments on Improvement of the Consumer Experience in Buying Industrial Designed Products

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Elena Atanasova Paneva
Sofija Sidorenko


The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibilities for implementation of the augmented reality (ÐR) in the sales. The augmented reality contributes to enhansing and improving the consumer experience through the virtual display of 3D models of products in realistic environments. In this paper is presented an overview of the consumer behavior in online shopping and their uncertainties in the process. The online shopping offers more satisfaction to the modern consumers looking for comfort and speed. On the other hand, some consumers still feel uncomfortable to shop online. What prevents them from buying online is the inability to realistically check the products, to examine their different variants, and to show them to their friends from which they will get comments and opinions before the purchase.

In this thesis are examined the possibilities for implementation of augmented reality technology in online stores, as well as the possibilities for management of the product configurations in AR – options for  choosing different materials and colors of the product, that will allow the customers to adjust the product to their needs. The aim is to find methods and techniques that would alleviate the disadvantages as result of the lack of physical contact with the products during online sales, that would reduce the consumer uncertainty and increase the likelihood of successful choice and increased online sales.


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