Application of Creative Thinking Method in Solving Urban Environment Waste Management as a Social Problem

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Agnesa Saracini
Sofija Sidorenko


This master thesis contains a detailed research on a specific social problem-the poor waste management and consequently the extreme pollution of urban environment. By targeting a specific region, the municipality of Karposh with its citizens, and through the use of all 5 phases of "Design with social impact" methodology, we were able to come up with promising ideas and solutions for this problem.

The first phase set the baseline for a general review of the magnitude of the social problem and evaluated citizens' opinions regarding the issue. This stage aimed to achieve initial understanding of the problem, empathizing with the citizens in order to look at the problem from their aspect through in-depth exploration of different aspects using several creative techniques. In the second phase, the analysis continues with a comprehensive research, the results of which were presented in the form of statistics on waste in the world and in our country, finding successful examples from other countries on the management of these issues. All the aforementioned information identified the main causes for the worrying status-quo and defined the exact goal of the thesis. Furthermore, the third phase generated several concept ideas as possible solutions to the given problem. The final concept, chosen for realization, was the idea of a web portal aimed at educating and informing the citizens in order to raise awareness of the necessity of a more serious approach towards waste management issues in urban areas. As a result, a web portal prototype was developed in the fourth phase in accordance with the set goals and requirements based on the information gathered in the previous stages. The portal was available online and it was reviewed by many concerned citizens who provided comments and suggestions for its improvement. Currently, the fifth phase is in the process of realization.


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