Similarities and differences in terms of the geometry used in De Stijl and Bauhaus product designs

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Antonio Cvetkovski
Sofija Sidorenko


As a fundamental science of forms and their order, geometry contributes to the process of composing and designing of products. Geometry is able to make a contribution to these processes by dealing with the geometric figures and forms as design elements as well as the relations between them. Finding the general principles of successfully combining those elements was a research aim of many designers, such as those in the modernist era. Influencing the industrial design in a revolutionary way, the Modernism became significant artistic movement of the 20th century, thus giving us the most iconic and timeless product designs.

In this scientific paper, the relationship between geometry and design in the Modernism is described and explored through examples, with emphasis placed on De Stijl and Bauhaus products. Direct comparison is applied, focusing on the similarities and differences in the products' geometry. Learning about the geometry and how it relates to the designs is not to be used as a substitute for the creative process, but rather as a means of obtaining a deeper understanding of it. 


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Cvetkovski A, Sidorenko S. Similarities and differences in terms of the geometry used in De Stijl and Bauhaus product designs. SEE J Archit Des [Internet]. 2019 Nov. 11 [cited 2024 May 24];2019:8. Available from:
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