Perceptual and Ergonomics Factors in Web Design as A Condition for Better Presentation of Companies

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Filip Trajkovski


The corporate identity represents a complete visual solution of the company by which it presents itself on the market and in the public in general. A big part of one company's success is the branding quality, marketing and visual presentation. With the emergence of the Internet, in the last decades, the design and development of a website became an inevitable part of the company's presentation. The main goal of this master work is to give contribution in the process of improvement of the corporate identity of the Center for Research, Development and Continuous Learning CIRKO DOOEL Skopje, with an emphasis on the presentation on the Internet. Additionally, for the needs of this master work, researches are conducted to comprehend the requirements and needs of the users – to get a clear picture how to improve the user experience during the process of browsing the websites that are of interest and which is the most appropriate method that should be used to create a new more effective promotion. The basic objective in the promotion is familiarization of the users with the real capabilities of the Center for Research, Development and Continuous Learning. It's expected that the overall results of this master work will give contribution in the process of improvement of the corporate identity of CIRKO DOOEL Skopje, which will improve the public visibility, as well as the company's success in the business world.


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