Characteristics of Medium Density Fiberboards for Furniture Production and Interior Application

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Violeta Jakimovska Popovska
Borche Iliev
Ivo Spiroski


BACKGROUND: The paper analyzes the properties of medium density fiberboards (MDF) intended for furniture production and interior application. Because MDF panels are one of the mostly used wood-based panels in furniture production sector in the Republic of Macedonia it is important to know and understand their basic physical and mechanical properties.

AIM: For better understanding of MDF panels and their proper end use by the furniture constructors and designers, physical and mechanical properties of MDF panels present in the market are tested.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Commercially produced MDF panels taken from one company from wood-based panel market were tested. Evaluation of the quality of the panels was made on the basis of the obtained results for the physical and mechanical properties of the panels. Properties of MDF were tested according to the national MKS standards and European norms.

RESULTS: Tested MDF panels present on our market are characterized by good physical and mechanical properties that meet the requirements of the standards for MDF for use in dry conditions including furniture production and interior applications.

CONCLUSIONS: It is recommended to avoid application of these MDF panels in high humidity conditions for a longer exploitation period. For this kind of applications, such as bathroom areas, the furniture constructors and interior designers should consider use of MDF.H type of panel for application in high humidity conditions, which will provide good dimensional stability of the products during whole exploitation period.


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