Analysis of Heterogeneous Concepts during Projection of Facilities of Good Manufacturing Practice and Human Biobank

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Ivo Spiroski


The aim of this thesis is to analyse and to present heterogeneous concepts during projection of facilities of good manufacturing practice and human biobank.
Feasibility study for bio banks of stem cells is prepared for one current health institution in Republic of Macedonia. The space covers 105 square meters for biobank for stem cells, as well as additional space. With this projects program are defined requested needs of the investor during preparation of the basic project for the biobank for stem cells. The prepared architectural – constructive solution allow smooth flow of the technology defined by the investor. The solution is optimal related to the function, construction and economics. 
It was established that in the Republic of Macedonia there is not present any kind of bank for stem cells, but there are present several liaison offices for collection and deposition of stem cells from several foreign countries. It is necessary to project, construct and to put in function several banks for stem cells in the Republic of Macedonia in order to fulfil the needs of patients with malignant diseases.


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